The Launceston Club members are encouraged to request a membership card and introduction letter to be presented on arrival when visiting all reciprocal clubs. Members of the reciprocal clubs listed below are welcome to use The Launceston Club and its amenities and services. As part of all reciprocity arrangements The Launceston Club requests that reciprocal club members bring a membership card or letter of introduction.

The Clubs listed have reciprocity arrangements with The Launceston Club.

Reciprocal Clubs in Tasmania

Queen Mary Club Hobart Ladies
Tasmanian Club Hobart Gentlemen

Reciprocal Clubs in Victoria

Albury Albury Mixed
The Sandhurst Club Bendigo Mixed
The Geelong Club Geelong Mixed
Napier Club Hamilton Ladies
Hamilton Club Hamilton Gentlemen
Alexandra Club Melbourne Ladies
Melbourne Club Melbourne Gentlemen
Melbourne Savage Club Melbourne Gentlemen
The Athenaeum Club Melbourne Gentlemen
The Australian Club Melbourne Gentlemen
The Lyceum Club Melbourne Ladies

Reciprocal Clubs in New South Wales

Australian Club Sydney Gentlemen
Royal Automobile Club of Australia Sydney Mixed
The Queen's Club Sydney Ladies
The Women's Club Sydney Ladies
Union & University Schools Club Sydney Mixed
Waradgery Club Hay Mixed
Newcastle Club Newcastle Mixed
The Riverine Club Wagga Wagga Mixed

Reciprocal Clubs in Queensland

Downs Club Toowoomba Gentlemen
The Moreton Club Brisbane Ladies
The North Queensland Club <Townsville Mixed
The Queensland Club Brisbane Gentlemen
The United Service Club Brisbane Mixed

Reciprocal Clubs in South Australia

Reciprocal Clubs in Western Australia

The Weld Club Perth Gentlemen

Reciprocal Clubs in ACT

The Commonwealth Club Canberra Mixed  

Reciprocal Clubs in Canada

The Ranchmen's Club Calgary Mixed
The Halifax Club Halifax Mixed
The National Club Toronto Mixed
The University Club of Toronto Toronto Mixed
The Union Club of British Columbia Victoria Mixed
Rideau Club Ottawa Mixed
Terminal City Club Vancouver Mixed
Forest and Stream Club <Dorval Mixed
University Club of Montreal Quebec Mixed

Reciprocal Clubs in China

Reciprocal Clubs in Germany

Union International Club Frankfurt Mixed

Reciprocal Clubs in Indonesia

Mercantile Athletic Club Jakarta Mixed  

Reciprocal Clubs in Ireland

Reciprocal Clubs in Malysia

The Penang Club Penang Mixed

Reciprocal Clubs in The Netherlands

Reciprocal Clubs in New Zealand

The Northern Club Auckland Mixed
The Christchurch Club Christchurch Mixed
The Canterbury Club Christchurch Mixed
The Dunedin Club Dunedin Mixed
The Invercargill Club Invercargill Mixed
The Hawkes Bay Club Napier Mixed
The Wellington Club Wellington Mixed

Reciprocal Clubs in Portugal

Gremio Literario Lisbon Mixed
Club Portuenose Oporto Mixed

Reciprocal Clubs in Singapore

Hollandse Club Singapore Mixed

Reciprocal Clubs in South Africa

Rand Club Johannesburg Mixed
Cape Town Club Cape Town Mixed

Reciprocal Clubs in Spain

Circulo Ecuestre Barecelona Mixed
Casino de Madrid</a Madrid Gentlemen
Real Gran Pena Madrid Mixed
Sociedad Bilbaina Bilbao Mixed

Reciprocal Clubs in Sri Lanka

Reciprocal Clubs in Sweden

Sallskapet Stockholm Gentlemen

Reciprocal Clubs in Thailand

The British Club Bangkok Mixed

Reciprocal Clubs in the United Kingdom

The Royal Northern and University Club Aberdeen Mixed
The New Club Edinburgh Gentlemen
Western Club Glasgow Mixed
The East India Club London Mixed
The Lansdowne Club London Mixed
National Liberal Club London Mixed
The Travellers Club London Gentlemen
City University Club London Mixed
University Women's Club London Ladies
Carlton Club London Mixed<
Oxford & Cambridge Club London Gentlemen
The Flyfishers' Club London Gentlemen
The St James Club Manchester Gentlemen
The Norfolk Club Norwich Mixed
Royal Perth Golfing Society & Country Club Perth Gentlemen

Reciprocal Clubs in the United States of America

Algonquin Club Boston Mixed
The Harvard Club of Boston Boston Mixed
The Standard Club Chicago Mixed
Women's Athletic Club of Chicago Chicago Ladies
The University Club of Chicago Chicago Mixed
Queen City Club Cincinnati Mixed
The Kansas City Club Kansas City Mixed
University Club of St Paul Minnesota Mixed
Princeton Club New York Mixed
Marines' Memorial Club San Francisco Mixed
Metropolitan Club San Francisco Mixed
University Club San Francisco Mixed
The Columbia Club Indianapolis Mixed
The Racquet Club Philadelphia Mixed
The University Club Portland Mixed
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